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Send us a message and we will take the time to get to know you so we can help you find your photography tour or workshop in Greece, tailored to your needs.


Still not sure if we can be of help? Check through some frequently asked questions and then send us a message.

We highly recommend for all our photography tours to carry travel insurance and a trip cancellation insurance.It’s nice to have a safety cover just in case “better safe than sorry”.

For booking reasons and to ensure the availability a 10% deposit is required to reserve a spot on our Photography Tours.

Due to safety reasons we don’t allow any participant below 18 years old.

We always try to give deals and offers to our clients depending the season and the destination.

A Photo Tour is one where photography is the primary objective. This means we’ll either be getting up early or going to bed late as we chase the best light. We also give you invaluable photo instruction in the field, assisting you with your compositions and mastering the technical details. Everyone from beginner to advanced can benefit from this. If you like adventure, exploration, and taking stunning photos, then you’ll have a great time on these trips!

We take all types from beginners who are just learning to use their cameras to advanced users who want to hone and refine their skills. Whatever level you’re at, we’ll help you learn and enjoy the art of photography. With our small group sizes, you’ll get plenty of individualized attention.

We ask all participants to bring a digital camera along with a tripod. We’ll work with all types of cameras. However, for the highest quality shots, we recommend bringing a digital SLR camera with a couple detachable lenses. Wide-angle lenses are the most useful for Travel and Landscape photography. If you want specific gear recommendations, just email us. Please note that we do not specialize in film photography. You can bring a film camera if you like, but we won’t be able to offer you the same level of instruction as the digital shooters.

Absolutely!  With constantly changing weather and road conditions, we may need to modify our plans.  In the event we can’t go to the primary location, we have an entire arsenal of alternate locations we can visit. We have lots of experience in the area and you’ll be happy with your alternate experience.

There are myriad other places we can go that we haven’t listed on the web page. This is because we either don’t want to disclose the locations or because we just don’t get much demand for them. Just ask us if you’re interested in alternative options – we love to get off the beaten path!

We are operating in many remote locations and there are many environmental hazards to be aware of:

  • Extreme heat in summer
  • Freezing temps in the off-season
  • High winds and blowing sand
  • Thunderstorms & Flash Floods
  • Steep, off-camber terrain
  • Flash floods
  • And Much More

For each photography trip, we list the difficulty rating.

Easy: Motorized transport to the photo locations and only short walks required. May involve periods of standing or crouching.
Moderate: Mix of motorized transport and short hikes (2-5 kilometers max).
Strenuous: Long hikes and or backpacking. Good level of physical fitness is needed as we’ll be on our feet most of the day.

For Moderate and Strenuous Levels: It is important that all participants have decent mobility and physical fitness since very few of the places we visit are deemed “accessible.”

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