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Discover Epirus

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Epirus lies in the NW Greece, between the Pindos mountain range and the Ionian Sea. It impressively combines mountain vistas and enchanting seaside locations. The entire region is crisscrossed by mountains and rivers, the latter spanned by magnificent arched bridges. Going from north to south, the mountain ranges are interrupted by fertile plains and valleys.Epirus is considered the ideal region for a wide range of alternative tourism activities. The pristine Pindos Mountains
with their sprawling, untrodden forests, the mountain lakes and the vertical mountain slopes offer the chance for numerous activities (mountaineering, climbing, downhill skiing, hiking,camping, etc) in landscapes of unique beauty.

Don’t miss out on:


  • Rafting and kayaking in some of Greece’s most beautiful rivers, such as the Arachthos, the Aoos, and the Voidomatis rivers.


  • Paying a visit to the Zagorochoria district, consisting of 46 villages located all over the slopes of the mountains. In close proximity visitors find Vikos canyon, the second deepest in the world, with an ecosystem of 1.700 plants and 182 animals.


  • Crossing the historic stone bridges of Epirus, where legends,local traditions and tragic stories leave their mark on these architectural masterpieces of superb craftsmanship.


  • Walking around in the castle town of the beautiful city of Ioannina and taking a romantic stroll or a biking ride around the city’s natural wonder of a lake.


  • Trekking in the unspoilt paradise of Valia Calda, a national park that is one of the most attractive trekking destinations in Europe featuring a unique ecosystem that encompasses mammals, rare bird species and reptiles.


  • Visiting Dodoni, the place where a famous oracle used to be in ancient times, as well as another worldwide known monument, the ancient theater of Dodoni, the largest in antiquity, with 55 tiers of seats and a capacity for 18,000 people.
  • Staying at the area of Parga, a village built in a verdant location strongly reminiscent of an island, with marvellous beaches and a cluster of small islands around it. Excursion boats connect Parga with destinations along the coastline, Sivota, Paxos,Anti Paxos and Corfu.


  • When in Parga, taking a day boat trip to the Acheron River, the mythical “gate to the underworld”.


  • Tasting some of the most delicious feta, the cheese par excellence of Greece. Epirus is probably the leader in quality and taste when it comes to the shepherds’ cheese that is known and enjoyed throughout the world.


  • Experiencing the greatness of Greek mountainous nature at the Tzoumerka mountain chain, a Natura 2000 European Network entrant where all kinds of mountain activities can be performed.


  • Enjoying winter at its best in the heart of Metsovo area and its two ski resorts, where the snow season lasts really long.Cheese and wine not to be missed while there.
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