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Discover Macedonia

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From alluring Thessaloniki and enchanted forests, to golden beaches and the glory of Mount Athos.

As the nature changes from region to region, so do the people, culture and traditions. The city of Thessaloniki is surrounded by beautiful scenery. To the east lies Halkidiki, a seaside paradise made up of heavenly beaches, unspoilt wilderness and the solitary world of Mount Athos. The destinations are many, and make up a mosaic of images, aromas and surprises: Serres, Drama, Kavala, Edessa, Kozani, Veria, Katerini – the options are endless, as are the experiences. To the west, the landscape becomes calm and tranquil.

You’ll be inspired by the grand mansions and churches of Kastoria. Feel a sense of serenity in the mountainous region of Vitsi and take the time to reflect at the lakes of Prespa. In the evocative landscape of Grevena, nature rewards you with a unique feeling of tranquility. Experience the remarkable culture of eastern Macedonia by embracing the customs and traditions of the locals. Here you’ll enjoy 365 days of diverse activities from water sports to skiing, trekking and bird watching. Whether you come for an extended winter or summer holiday or a short weekend getaway with friends and family, Macedonia is one of those destinations that will help you create experiences you’ll never forget.

Discover Macedonia, a collection of diverse landscapes

The ancient city of Aigai, the first capital of the kingdom of Macedonia in the area of Vergina, whose incalculable archaeological and historical importance accounts for the fact that it was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996.

• Lake Kerkini, one of the top European bird watching destinations. Home to 300 bird species as well as to the greatest number of buffalos in Greece, this is also the most important wintering place for the Dalmatian Pelican in Europe.

• Thessaloniki, a sheer open museum. Any walk around the beautiful northern Greek city will reveal some new aspects of its eternal history to the traveller. Ancient memories, Roman influences and Byzantine splendour comprise a uniquely charming mosaic. UNESCO has declared 15 Early Christian
and Byzantine “ornaments” of Thessaloniki as World Heritage Sites, recognizing the city as one of the most important ones to the historical memory of humankind.

• The Orestiada (also know as Kastoria) Lake which was listed as a monument of unique natural beauty in 1974 and included in the European “Natura 2000” Network. Enjoy water-based activities in one of the most beautiful lakes in the Balkans.Loutraki, also known as Pozar, an area situated at only 40km from Edessa, the capital of Pella and one of the most beautiful cities of Greece thanks to the water streams that run through it and rush over the cliffs to form imposing waterfalls.Revitalise your senses at 37 C amidst precipice rocks, natural waterfalls and wild vegetation.

• The emerald of the Aegean, i.e. the island of Thassos, a place of fascinating beauty. With its rich history, archaeological remains, wonderful beaches, variety of activities to do,and good food, Thassos has become one of those islands holidaymakers return to year after year.

• The area of Grevena where over 1.300 mushroom species grow. It is the ideal place for you to participate in organised jeep tours in mountain trails with 4×4 vehicles.

• Chalkidiki, a treat for visitors. Lush green forests that reach right down to the beach; golden sunlight reflected in the turquoise waters; a traditional style with a rich gastronomic and cultural heritage. When there, visit the cave of Petralona,a cave of pivotal anthropological and paleontological importance, thanks to the cranium of the primitive man they found here some 200.000 years after his death.

• The tradition of wine in Greece is especially rich and associated with the nutritional habits of the Greeks, as well as with religious, cultural and popular practices. Macedonia is the area par excellence with extensive vineyards and a plethora of wine makers offering you visits to their farms and production units.

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