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Discover The Aegean Islands

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Floating in the Aegean Sea there are some of the most beautiful and famous islands in the world. The coexistence of charming white and blue Cycladic architecture, traditional lifestyle, insular gastronomic habits, warm hospitality, bare landscapes with whitewashed churches, amazing coastline and excellent beaches on the Cycladic islands go hand in hand with Greenhill sides, beaches with clear crystal waters, traditional villages, and a rich history on the other islands of the Aegean, all together they guarantee an island touring experience of a lifetime!

Don’t miss out on:

  • Rock climbing on Kalymnos, one of the most important
    climbing destinations worldwide.
  • Scuba diving in the underwater richness of Folegandros.
  • Dancing at the feasts of Ikaria, the place with the highest
    longevity rate in the world.
  • Visiting the villages of Chios which are the only place in the
    world where mastic trees grow. Mastic is a natural, aromatic
    tear-shaped resin that perfumes relieves and heals.
  • Trying the luscious tastes of the cuisine of Sifnos.
  • Sightseeing on Delos, the island where the light was born.
  • Having a romantic sunset moment at one of the most famous places in the world for such a moment,Santorini.
  • Enjoying the beaches on the lunar landscape of Milos.
  • Partying on the ever young island of Ios.
  • Shopping and spending cosmopolitan days and nights on
  • Strolling through the medieval town of Rhodes.
  • Basking on the wonderful golden beaches of islands such as
    Karpathos and Naxos.
Discover The Aegean Islands - Greece Photo Tours
Discover The Aegean Islands - Greece Photo Tours
  • Visiting the volcano on the wonderful island of Nisyros.
  • Having sardines and ouzo on Lesvos, the top ouzo producing place in Greece.
  • Tasting the delicious cheeses of Lemnos (or Limnos).
  • Becoming one with the Big Blue of Amorgos, the island where the famous Luc Besson film has been shot.
  • Sipping at the awarded sweet wines of Samos.
  • Entering the port of Symi, the island that beats all professional photographers and makes photoshop-like programs look like kids’ toys.
  • Doing all kinds of sport activities in the sea of Paros.
  • Bird-watching on the super eco-friendly island of Tilos.
  • Experiencing the pristine beauty of the so-called “little Cyclades”, i.e. a group of five (Donoussa, Schinoussa, Iraklia,Koufonissia, Keros) gorgeous exotic-coloured islands.

Castles and noble mansions, wild beauty and mysterious ancient rituals, mountains and sea, a remarkable destination.


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