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Thrace, an area where legend had once placed the mythical land of Orpheus, is generously bestowed by nature. It is famous for its pristine and beautiful landscapes that make it an outdoor paradise offering abundant opportunities for discovery and adventure. The Rodopi mountain range and Saos mountain on Samothraki the rivers Evros, Nestos, and Ardas, lakes Vistonida and Ismarida, Dadia forest and the Evros River Delta with their internationally acclaimed wetlands, fertile valleys, dense forests and endless stretches of white sandy beaches, all compose a captivating whole. Thrace’s landmark archaeological sites as well as its Byzantine, medieval, and Ottoman monuments are points of reference and the same goes for its rich cultural heritage whose key characteristic is the harmonious coexistence
of the Christian and Muslim traditions. Visitors can enjoy a sophisticated brand of tourism that caters to international travellers, families and groups alike.

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Don’t miss out on:

  • Exploring Dadia forest with its rich flora and fauna (there have been recorded 219 taxa of avifauna, 40 taxa of reptiles and amphibians, 36 taxa of mammals as well as an abundance of rare flora species) including some of the rarest birds of prey in Europe.


  • “Spying” on flamingos, egrets, cormorants, and ibises at the Lake Vistonida wetland that has been turned into a lagoon and along with Lake Ismarida and the Nestos River Delta, constitutes the Eastern Macedonia and Thrace National Reserve. Favourite spot: the tranquil fishing village of Porto Lagos, built on a narrow peninsula that separates Lake Vistonida from the sea.


  • Visiting Pomakochoria, a cluster of approximately 40 villages north of Xanthi interspersed along the valley of Echinos on both sides of the river, known for their cultural and architectural uniqueness.
Discover Thrace with Greece Photo Tours
  • Getting to know Soufli, the only “city of silk” in Greece, whose predominant feature is “koukoulospita”, i.e. buildings used partly for sericulture in a protected environment and partly as production units.


  • Enjoying hydrotherapy and spa services at the area of Ancient
    Traianoupolis, where waters are known for the cure of rheumatism, skin diseases, kidney ailments etc.


  • Discovering the island of Samothrace, with its conspicuous archaeological sanctuary of the Great Gods, its pristine natural beauty, its exciting morphology featuring waterfalls and stone basins, its thermal springs and, of course, its wonderful beaches.
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