Winter Adventures in Greece

/Winter Adventures in Greece

Winter Adventures in Greece

The heart of Greek winter beats on snow-covered mountain tops, where ski enthusiasts –craving for adventure– can experience the sought-after intensity and adrenalin rush. Escape in an idyllic white mountain setting where the cold mountain air puts human will and endurance to the test!

Skiing (and its alternative version, snowboarding) is undoubtedly the “king” of extreme sports; an exciting pastime offering a unique sense of freedom as the human body becomes attuned to the elements and forces of nature. Skiing appeared for the first time in Greece in the 1920’s and has had rising numbers of devoted fans ever since. Today, after almost a century, countless adventure seekers turn the snow–covered mountain slopes across the country into “hot places” what with their passion and skill!

Although Greece is a country where the sun shines most of the year, it can also boast some very good skiing resorts with ultra modern facilities that can satisfy even the most demanding skiers, offering an unforgettable experience down spectacular ski runs where the beauty of the alpine landscape is guaranteed to take your breath away.
Enjoy a ski run in some of the best-known ski resorts in the country, and feast your eyes on the beauty of snow-clad mountain tops as you experience an overwhelming feeling of freedom.

Parnassos ski resort

About skiing and other feel-good stories on Mt. Parnassos.

Wax your skis and travel fast on the highest mountains in Greece. In the beautiful surroundings of a National Park you can glide down icy mountain slopes where Greek mythology was created. On Mt. Parnassos, Zeus granted Deucalion’s wishes and the human race was created anew. Cross the runs on a mountain that stole the glory from Mt. Olympus as it was linked with the worship of god Apollo, and the establishment of the Oracle of Delphi.

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Kalavrita ski resort

Intense ski activity on Mt. Helmós.

A mythological mountain offers you the magic of sliding smoothly down snowy slopes and enjoying extreme mountain sports. Ski down this mountain, and feel like Olympic downhill gold medalist. Discover wonders of nature, peer into Greece’s modern history, and allow yourself the indulgence in wine tasting at the nearby vineyards.

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Kaimáktsalan ski resort

Get an adrenalin rush!
With open slopes and excellent snow conditions of Kaimáktsalan ski resort is one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe. In the unspoiled wilderness of Mt. Vóras, vacationers embark on an exciting winter adventure at 2,500 m. The ski center is totally dedicated to ski lovers. Here the trails are groomed, the air is pure, and the scenery magnificent. The resort operates from late November till early May covering the longest ski season in Greece.

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Vasilitsa ski resort

The precious gem of Pindos!
In the heart of the most important mountain range in Greece, Vasilitsa ski center offers fun-packed winter vacations for the whole family. As the lift carries you to your favorite run, take in views of the majestic mountainscape. Imposing snow-covered mountains loom in the distance, while beautiful lakes and the Grevená Valley create peaceful scenery.

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